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Welcome to Restaurant Fenicie Amsterdam! Located in a fantastic area, next to Leidesplein, in the cosy area of Kleine-Gartmansplantsoen, Amsterdam. At Restaurant Fenicie we provide a comfortable atmosphere, superb service, exceptional cocktails and most importantly – delicious food.

At Fenicie we can cater for everyone – from tasty meat and fish dishes to mouthwatering vegetarian and vegan options. Lactose-free, nut-free and gluten-free options are also available. With Fenicie, all dietary requirements and requests can be taken care of.

Our Lebanese cuisine is prepared with fresh ingredients, herbs and spices. Each dish has its own authentic taste – and if you close your eyes, the flavors will carry you straight to Beirut. Lebanese food is not very popular in the Netherlands presently, therefore why not try something new and exciting today?!

Lebanese food is most commonly shared in the warm company of family and friends, we therefore strongly recommend that you let yourself and others be immersed by the tantalizing flavors offered within our various Mazza’s (tapas dishes).

The interior has been chosen with great care! When you enter you will find yourself in a sky-high room, featuring a stunning room-length bar, with an overhead balustrade and VIP tables available also. Our restaurant has the capacity to cater for 100 persons and meets all current covid-19 regulations.

Parking is available at the Marriott Hotel on the Stadhourderskade or De Valet Parking on the Prinsengracht, both of which are 200 meters walking distance from the Restaurant.

We hope to welcome you soon.

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Delicious Lebanese dishes while enjoying a glass of wine or spot on! cocktail

Charcoal grill


We prepare meat, fish and vegetarian dishes with great love and accuracy on our charcoal grill. The taste of beautifully marinated meat, subtle fish or elegant vegetables has already charmed many taste buds.

Reserve a table

Reservations can be made via the reservation button, once it has been approved, you will be notified of this, or send an e-mail for special occasions.

VIP Tables: can be booked by calling us at the telephone number below:

You can also just call us on 020 7768055
or E-mail to: info@fenicieclub.nl

Fenicie Club Amsterdam

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Fenicie Amsterdam


Libanees restaurant Amsterdam Google en Tripadvisor reviews

Djenna Van beek
1 review

"Had lunch last week and had dinner yesterday. What a beautiful restaurant, with excellent service and high quality food. Keep it up, you have a regular customer."

Pascal Lindelauf
5 reviews

"Went to Fenicie with vegetarian guests and we all enjoyed it very much. Apart from the delicious food, the service and entourage were great. All in all very worth repeating."

Ekrem De La Crème
Amazing food!

"The food was delicious and the staff are very friendly. Two mezzes and a main course were sufficient for two people. The meat was nice and tender and the dressing delicious. I will certainly come here more often!"

Ramin Mamedov
Great food

"I have eaten here with friends. Right in the center. The food was so tasty. I will definitely come back here. Salads and wines. Not normally tasty! especially a salad with red things in it."

Adinda N
Delicious food!

"Had dinner at Fenicie for the first time last night! First time Lebanese cuisine, really delicious! Great attention to ingredients and details. The staff were very friendly and explained both the concept and the various snacks."

Diana Martin
4 reviews

"Last weekend I ate with my family at Fenicie. Staff was very attentive and took all the time to explain everything. The food was delicious and also ideal for vegetarians."


We are located at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam next to movie theater Pathe City.

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Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 11-H
1017RP Amsterdam

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Opening Hours
Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday:
12:00 till 23:00 hour
Friday and Saturday
12:00 till 03:00 hour
Located at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam